Message from Pastor Herb Taylor

           As we leave the glow of All Saints Sunday, we continue to shine as we move toward Stewardship Sunday on November 15th. It is wonderful that these two Sundays come so close together. If you think of the people who were the saints in your life, they were people who gave of themselves so that we could grow to be who we are today. They invested love, hope, trust in us in the faith that we would see the possibilities that they saw for you. There generosity of time and heart and resources helped us become who we are.

           Stewardship, like saintliness, is also about recognizing that God provides and that we can be confident, faithful, and excited about the future. Being a good steward, like saintly living, is about being committed to using all that God has given us to help others and ourselves grow in faith, love, hope. We honor the saints of our lives not just through one Sunday of focused remembrance, but through our words, actions, attitudes and service every day.

          The saints of our lives gave to us what they did not so we could keep it only for ourselves.   These ordinary people, made extraordinary by God through the way they impacted our lives, invite us to accept our role to share with others as we have been shared with. As Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”   This is the key to the mystery of life that those saints of our lives understood. It really is true that the more you give, the more you get from life.

          So, I pray over these next couple weeks, and beyond, you will reflect on God’s call for you (and your Saints’ hope for you) to lead a life of generosity. We chose our theme for Stewardship Sunday, “Give to Grow” because of the reality that when we give, both our ministry and we grow in ways that bring amazing transformation to people’s lives, including our own. Please join me in prayer as we approach Stewardship Sunday reflecting on our individual and shared call to give to grow in this exciting time in our ministry and in our lives.

          See you in church,

                                                                                                Yours in Christ

                                                                                                Rev. Herb Taylor



  • Some men in the church gather for a monthly breakfast together at a local diner/coffee shop. We are holding the next breakfast for Wednesday, October 21st at 7:30am, at Andy's Diner near Porter Square in Cambridge @ 2030 Mass Ave. If you are interested in joining for good food and good conversation, please email Pastor Taylor at pastor.herb@he-umc.org so we can plan for the breakfast. Also, if you have ideas about a convenient location or any other input, please give Herb an email.